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Hair Rebonding & Soft Rebonding Services

Have you ever wondered why some of us have straight hair, while others have wavy, curly hair? It’s because of the bonds that the proteins in our hair have between them. While many of us that have straight hair love to get curls, many with wavy hair want it straightened.  Can we achieve that?

At Team Salon, our hair rebonding service can help you with this dilemma.

Team Salon has perfected the art of soft rebonding to such an extent that we can completely change your hair’s look! We do this by rebonding and altering the bonds between those molecules without causing permanent damage to your scalp or your hair.

Our soft rebonding process is based on the use of two agents:

  1. A relaxant or cream softener that helps break down the natural bonds
  2. A Neutralizer, which then helps recreate fresh new bonds

Rebonded hair needs some extra TLC, more so than your “normal” hair. But don’t worry about that. Our experts will provide you with all the tips and tricks necessary to care for your softly rebonded hair, so that you will enjoy your new look for much longer.