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Hair perms are one of the most sought after treatments today, mainly because they are simple to perform and produce visible impressions. At Team Salon, we’ve perfected the art of the perm using two very popular techniques:

  1. Digital Perm
  2. Ceramic Perm

Both of these perming techniques are highly specialized, and when done right can produce stunning results. Because our team of professionals are highly trained in providing these services, our clients have absolutely no worries about choosing either approach to perming their hair. That’s because both these techniques are super safe and are guaranteed never to damage your hair or your scalp.

Digital Perm

It’s called Digital Perm, but many in the fashion world also call it Spiral Perm, Ionic Perm, Hot Perm or Japanese or Korean Perm. While similar in many ways to a traditional perm, this perming technique is conducted using hot rods whose temperatures are regulated using a device with a digitally displayed reading.

Our clients who prefer to have a dry-looking curl prefer this type of perm to other methods. By using a thermal approach to recondition the hair, it leaves the hair much shinier, smoother and curlier. And because we use this process to perm only the bottom of the hair, the curls produced are softer and much more natural looking.

Ceramic Perm

Many of our clients love wet-looking hair, and for them we’ve perfected the Ceramic Perm. Unlike its digital alternative, the curls that we produce using ceramic perming will be comparatively stronger and much more prominent when the hair is slightly wet.  We also advise clients to go the ceramic route if they don’t want to spend too much time drying their hair in order to maintain and preserve a digitally permed curl.

At Team Salon, we also recommend a Ceramic Perm for those individuals who want a much quicker perming experience (the digital alternative might take slightly longer), and who don’t wish to have too much volume at the top.