Directors’ Message

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At TEAM Salon, our focus is to provide our clients with a wonderful service experience – combining efficiency with an environment of warmth and comfort. What we want most is for customers to walk out of our door feeling great about themselves, with a smile on their face and a spring in their step.

Our aim is to focus on maintaining the service standards of all our salons, to ensure that our staff is constantly striving to improve on their shortcomings and move in a direction of progress in order for us to serve you better. Express salons are not a threat to us, because we cater to the quality of the experience, the classic idea that hair salons are a place for people to relax, unwind and beautify themselves.

TEAM Salon values quality over quantity, so not only is there an emphasis on service standards, but a significant goal to give back to society in the most suitable of ways – by grooming the next generation of hairstylists and providing them with opportunities to maximise their potential. After all, every staff member is part of the Team.

Lastly, there has been a remarkable shift in public awareness towards the environmental crisis. We, at TEAM Salon, are determined to do our part in working towards the creation of a business model that is both eco-friendly and sustainable in the long term.

- Liz Tong

Having been in the hair industry for years, I’ve seen trends come and go more so than others. This sums up my dedication to creating exceptional looks that are both refined, timeless and yet remains on the pulse of what’s in vogue at the moment. TEAM Salon sincerely aims to give your hair a modern edge with a classic twist to it.

Together with our dedication to timelessness and taste is a much-needed focus on running an ecologically-sustainable business. “Beauty is as beauty does”, and it is my pleasure to draw your attention to the opportunities we have to care for the environment – at no aesthetic expense.

Throughout my time and experience, the most important “trend” I’ve encountered is one that is here to stay: the green movement. The world of hair and beauty is heading in a new direction – one that supports the green wave and strongly believes in its causes, making the achievement of environmentally-friendly beauty both an art and a lifestyle.

- Jean Tong