We do our earnest best to give our customers the best holistic experience ever.  Every positive feedback is a motivation and Every negative feedback is a challenge which we must overcome to do better. We thank each and every customer for their honest feedback and a chance for us to serve them.

“Everybody needs feedback , and its a heck of a lot cheaper than paying a trainer” – Doug Lowenstein

The hair wash was very good and relaxing. Hairstylists were very helpful, patient, gentle and professional.

Alison Ang - ManagerWash, Cut, Colour, Style

(The stylists at TEAM Salon) are all very professional in both hair technique and customer service. That’s why I keep coming back!

Tammy Ho - Business DeveloperWash, Cut, Colour, Highlight, Style

The hair wash was fantastic! Very relaxing! Good work!

Satisfied clientCut, Treatment, Style

Both the hairstylists attending to me were pleasant and knowledgeable. All the staff are nice, making the experience a good one, especially when it takes so long a process to treat my hair. Well done!

Melanie Tan, Cabin CrewCut, Treatment, Style

I really enjoyed the hair wash. It was different from other salons and very relaxing.

Nikki Mam, HomemakerWash, Cut, Colour, Treatment, Style

I was very happy with the care and attention I received from the stylist. She was excellent. I’m very happy with it.

Mastiana Hoque, Teacher (Sydney)Wash, Cut, Style

Very good service, friendly staff!

Lily Halton, ArtistWash, Cut, Colour, Highlight, Style

I am quite happy with the services, this is my first visit to a salon in Singapore!

Deepika Jetly, StudentWash, Rebond, Cut, Style

Tactful and understanding in catering to my needs. Recommended necessary products within my budget. Excellent service catered.

Joelene Tan, Financial ConsultantWash, Cut, Colour, Style

Good advice given about my hair texture and maintenance because of its fine-ness and scantiness.

Stella Neo, HomemakerWash, Cut, Treatment, Style

I’m very happy with my haircut and the colour selected by my stylist. Hair wash and head massage was fantastic too. Thank you very much, will drop by again!

Cindy, TeacherWash, Cut, Colour, Highlight, Style

I’m very happy with the service right from the moment I stepped in. Stylist is very professional and good too.

Maryann Cheng, HomemakerWash, Cut, Style

Service exceeds expectations.

Veronica OhWash, Cut, Rebond, Style

The stylist did a very good job! Just the way I wanted and my hair does not look stiff. Will definitely come here again.

Shahirah, Customer ServiceStyling, Make-up

Good service, very attentive to clients’ needs.

Sanjit Kaur, LecturerWash, Cut, Style

Service is indeed commendable. Stylist is respectful with no coercion. Very comfortable environment. Detailed and careful haircut.

Stephanie LimWash, Cut, Style

My hair cut is awesome. Great service.

Fairy Fairuz, Motion DesignerWash, Cut, Style

Good service. Stylist is very caring and gave advice on how to take good care of my hair. Cosy ambience!

Noelle Sing, TutorWash, Hair & Scalp Treatment, Style

Fantastic service and I really love the hairstyle!

Virginia Hawthorn, Communications ManagerWash, Colour, Style

Very nice environment and friendly staff. Stylist is very knowledgeable about hair.

Sophia Awang, HomemakerWash, Cut, Style

Stylist takes time to understand what I wanted and when things were not entirely correct, took time to amend. Am satisfied with the service and quality.

Izora Mulaika, Costume SpecialistWash, Cut, Highlight, Retouch, Style

Comfortable experience, nice ambience, professional service.

Cheryl Tang, Assistant ManagerWash, Cut, Colour, Highlight, Style

Thanks, friendly and careful! Made me feel pampered.

Mai, LecturerWash & Blow, Style

The service has been exemplary as far as interacting with me and getting to know what I want.

Ragamalika Magendar, HomemakerWash, Cut, Style

Your tagline ‘Where Elegance Begins’ is a great tagline. Staff are very approachable and consultative service is good, professional.

Belle CaballoWash, Colour, Style

This is my first time trying out the service here and I’m very pleased with all the staff. They were friendly, helpful and very enthusiastic to help! I’ll definitely patronise again.

Cindy Chen, Flight AttendantWash, Cut, Style

Friendly and professional service. I like it.

Jaslyn Neo, NurseWash, Cut, Colour, Style

I love my new cut and colour. I feel like a new person! Thank you so much. Excellent professionalism.

Susan Clarke, TeacherWash, Cut, Colour, Style

Best hair wash! Friendly and kind staff. Good service and attention to detail.

Meeta Baphna, HomemakerWash, Cut, Colour, Style

Everyone is courteous and friendly. Stylist is very patient and focused.

Michelle Teo, Product SpecialistWash, Cut, Style

Friendly staff. Nice ambience. Great music. Good service.

Chris Koh, Sales ManagerWash, Cut, Colour, Treatment, Style

Love the smell of your products! Love my new look! Thank you.

Haryati Rais, Pilot (from Brunei)Wash, Cut, Style

Very well pleased with your services: very meticulous and I do appreciate all the selfless advice for my hair. I’ll certainly come back for my next visit. Thank you very much!

Joan Alikazin, StudentWash, Cut, Style