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Botanical Hair & Scalp Treatments and Keratin Treatment Services

Increasingly, appearance -conscious individuals, both men and women, are realizing that their hair is one of the first things that make them stand out in a crowd.  It is what gives them personality, and it is what makes them unique. As such, more and more people are now turning to botanical hair treatments or Keratin hair treatment, like:

  • Botanical Hair Treatment;
  • Botanical Scalp Treatment; and
  • Keratin Hair Treatment

to keep their hair in perfect condition. Why? Because they have seen the destructive power that harsh chemical-based treatments have on the scalp and follicles. As a result, plant-powered all-natural botanical treatments are growing in popularity.

Botanical Hair & Scalp Treatments

While other salons still prefer to use highly-toxic formulas on their customers, Team Salon’s Botanical scalp treatment  is performed using all-natural 100% harsh chemical free treatment aids. Ground-breaking botanical micro technology has produced formulas that penetrate deep within the strands to reach the core of the scalp, leaving it fully restored.

Team Salon’s Botanical scalp treatment is often compared to a “spa day” for your head. Our experts are fully trained and highly experienced in the art of restorative and transformative scalp treatments. These treatments help exfoliate the scalp, freeing it from toxic buildups, and will leave the scalp well nourished and revitalized. The end result: Your scalp will be invigorated to produce luscious, healthy and radiant hair!

Keratin Hair Treatment

At Team Salon, we specialise in delivering the best Keratin Hair Treatment experience you’ll ever enjoy. By the time our full service is completed, you’re hair will be much more shiny than ever before, and you’ll enjoy hair that’s frizz free and super smooth. As well, the 100% all-natural Keratin formulation reduces the time to dry your hair by almost 50%!

Unlike many other traditional treatments, our Keratin Hair Treatment is free of harmful substances like Paraben, Sulfate and Sodium Chloride, which are not only harmful to the body but can do irrecoverable damage to the tender scalp.  The end result: When you come to us for a Keratin experience, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing it’s perfectly safe for you and your hair too!