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The Things You Need To Know Before Getting Your Hair Perm

Tired of sleek straight hair? Looking for a change other than colouring or getting a haircut? 

If you are feeling adventurous, you may like to consider getting your hair perm. Yes, it is going to be a big commitment getting your hair perm just like the word perm; it is permanent till you chopped your hair off. So before diving into this big commitment, here are a couple of things to look out for before and after getting your hair perm.

Before Hair Perm

What hair type is suitable for a hair perm?

Like any hair processing procedure, hair perm causes damage to your hair. Strong chemicals are used to break the inner hair bond, so as to reshape and curled the hair. Do take note, if you have highlighted or coloured hair, it is not recommended to proceed with hair perm; this is to avoid further damage to your already weakened and dehydrated hair. Adding on since your hair had previously been chemically processed, curls might not hold as well. Hence some stylist suggests virgin hair or untreated hair achieve the best result for hair perm.

Types of Hair Perm

Generally, there are two types of hair perm available, Digital or Hot perm (modern hair perm) and Cold perm (traditional hair perm). So what is the difference? Here is a simple break down on the differences:

Digital Perm / Hot Perm 

-More natural curls as curls or waves tend to be more relaxed

-Designed specifically for East Asian Hair

-Potentially less damage to hair as the temperature is better controlled  

-Hair is curly when dry

-Longer processing time

-Works only for thick hair


-Curls do not last as long 

Cold Perm

-Less heat to the scalp, therefore able to curl closer to roots

-Works on the majority of hair types


-Hair is curly even when wet

-Curls are less natural at first; smaller and tighter ringlets are created first and curls relax over time

-Higher maintenance; more products require to maintain the look

It is recommended to seek professional stylist advice on which type of hair perm suits you best when visiting your favourite hair salon.

After Hair Perm Care

No Hair Wash for a fresh hair perm

  • Refrain from washing your hair for the first 48 hours. This time allows the fresh curls from your hair perm to set in.

Pick the right products for after hair perm

  • Opt for a moisturizing shampoo that is made for permed hair or curls maintaining. Avoid shampoo that uses silicon as it weighs down your hair, causing your curls to loosen faster than they should.

Condition More

  • Condition your hair every day. Washing your hair every day can be optional but conditioning every day is suggested to restore the moisture loss in your hair. As the process for hair perm causes damage to your hair, which will result in loss of nutrients and moisture to your hair, it is important to nourish it adequately.
  • Invest in deep conditioning products and deep condition at least once or twice a week.

Untangle your hair

  • Do not brush your hair with a hairbrush instead finger-comb your hair or use a wide-tooth comb while hair is damp. This is to avoid causing any unwanted frizzed to your curls or brushing out the curls from your hair perm.

Drying your hair

  • Avoid towel rubbing your hair to prevent tangles. Use a diffuser if you have to use a hairdryer; a diffuser helps to disperse the heat to prevent further heat damage to your permed hair.

Trims regularly

  • Trimming your hair every three to four months to maintain the curls, as curls get weighed down when your hair is too long and heavy. Avoid processing treatment
  • Avoid further processing treatments, like colouring or highlighting your hair for at least the next two or three months. This is to prevent further damage to the already damaged hair. 


Consider switching up your regular pillowcase with a silk pillowcase; silk pillowcase creates less friction, hence your permed hair will be more manageable in the morning.

After understanding all the information, are you ready to take on the ride, for all-day voluminous hair? It is true that commitment can be intimidating but not trying simply left you with what if. You know the drill if you don’t try you never know. 

At Team Salon, there are several options for hair perm services that cater to each individual requirement. Approach our professional stylist for the best hair perm recommendation that suits your hair. And to better care for your hair, you may also add in a nourishing treatment for an additional hair pamper session. So wait no further, visit us at one of our Team Salon outlets and start your new hair adventure today.